Importance of Directing

Directing is one of the core components of effective management. Just like other management functions, directing plays a crucial role in the success of the organisation. Without proper directing, other management functions become unproductive. That is why directing is also termed as the heart of the management process. Proper direction is effectual in converting the desired plans into actions. On the contrary, if the direction is faulty, then the organization may not be able to achieve its directed purpose. In addition to enabling the organisation in achieving its intended goals, proper directing has other implications in the welfare of the organisation.  Some of the impacts of proper directing are described below:

Enhanced Efficiency

Every individual in an organisation has specialised skills and has distinct potentials to accomplish the task that they are assigned. An organisation can achieve optimum efficiency when each person plays their part effectively.

Employee’s potential and ability is put to work by their managers through efficient directing. The managers delegate the tasks to the right employee, explain them the action plan and motivate them to achieve the organisation’s goals. Thus, proper directing ensures that all the employees are working at their most productive level, which in turn enhances the efficiency of the organisation.

Ensures Coordination

In an organisation, the work to be done by the employees is interrelated. Since the work performed by one individual will affect other’s performance, it becomes mandatory for the manager to combine the performances of their team members to achieve organisational goals. With proper directing in the management process, teamwork and synchronization of task among all the members are ensured.

Combines personal and organisational goals

Every person works in an organisation to satisfy their personal needs and wants. But the organisation’s goals are somewhat different from the individuals. It is the task of the manager to amalgamate employee’s interest with the organization’s interest through competent directing. Motivation, leadership and proper guidance enhance employee’s ability to work for the organisation and to accomplish both their personal goals as well as the organisation’s goals simultaneously.

Initiates Action

Planned actions won’t come into existence without proper directing. All the activities that are carried out in the organisation are translated into the organisation’s goals through effective directing. It is the task of the manager to direct the employees and to encourage them to work hard in achieving the desired goals of the organisation. In this way, directing ensures that planned work is brought into action in order to accomplish the desired results.

Assists in adapting to the changes

The business environment is not static and keeps on changing. The organisations need to acclimatize regularly to the changing environment in order to keep themselves alive amidst competition. Thus, the organisations may be required to bring changes either internally or externally. This will affect the capability or interest of the employees. Hence, the managers must regularly inform the employees about such changes so that they can easily adapt them. It is proper leadership, motivation, and sharing of information that facilitates the employees to move ahead with the changes in the industry.

Closing notes

Proper directing ensures that the processes and operations carried out in the organisation are directed towards the attainment of end goals. It is the task of a manager to ensure proper direction within the organisation. At MIT School of Distance Education (MIT-SDE), we understand the significance of directing for any organisation, so we train our candidates to effectively carry out the process. Through our Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA) courses, we just don’t provide knowledge about various management concepts but we also train the candidates to effectively perform the duties of a manager. So, if you want to hone your managerial skills and enhance your employability, then enroll for PGDM or PGDBA courses of MIT-SDE.