How Exams are Conducted in Distance Education?

If you are willing to pursue your studies through the medium of distance education, you might be eager to know about the entire system of distance education and its working. One of the frequently asked questions is related to the conduction of exams.

Just as students receive digital education via digital tools, they can appear for examination online. Distance education not only includes students who are willing to pursue an inexpensive education, but it also includes students who are working simultaneously. Thus, distance education looks after its student’s convenience when it comes to the conduction of examinations. The exams in distance education can be given at any hour of the day, looking after the student’s comfort zone. However, a range or period is designated for the conduction of exams.

The exams in distance education are conducted online and generally includes MCQs. Different colleges have different methods of conducting exams. In general, all distance learning institutes conduct internal exams and external exams. Some of the marks are also occupied by assignments that students submit via email or LMS.  The students can give internal examinations from any particular location. However, examination centers are allotted for external exams. So students have to visit examination centers and give the online exam.

Examinations of MIT-SDE                                                                                

If you are willing to study at the best institute of distance education, then you must enroll for admissions at MIT School of Distance Education.

A student at MIT-SDE needs to clear both internal (which includes assignments and projects) and external exams. The mit internal exams are conducted in LMS while external exams are conducted in examination centers. The mit external exams take place two times a year in the month of January and July. In order to be eligible to give an external exam, you need to at least cross 90 days period post your enrollment. An external exam is conducted at a particular date in a designated examination center.

The internal exam includes two assignments which have 15 questions of 2 marks each. A student needs to score 14 out of 30 to qualify for internal exams. On the other hand, the external exam paper has 60 questions that carry 100 marks. A student needs to score at least 50% of the total marks to qualify. In addition to these, there is project submission in PGDM and PGDBA courses

Reasons to Choose MITSDE

MIT School of Distance Education is the best distance learning institute in India. It is a virtual wing of MAEER’s MIT Pune and has gained enormous fame for its impressive track record. There are several reasons to choose MIT-SDE:

  • MITSDE is affiliated to AICTE and UGC.
  • It has a powerful alliance with its industry players. Hence it offers amazing job placements with lucrative salaries.
  • The institute is known to develop the overall personality of the students through personality development session which makes them industry-ready.
  • The self-explanatory study material is uploaded on the student’s account in LMS.
  • Career guidance is offered to each student
  • There are webinars to build concepts of students.

Hence, apply for admissions at MIT-SDE and take your career in a positive direction.