Careers in Information Technology

We are living in the age of technology and computers. In this era, the field of Information technology is on a constant rise. Due to its omni-presence, the sphere of Information Technology even makes a significant contribution to country’s economic development.

All types of organisation require computer systems for storage, transmission, manipulation, analysis and retrieval of data. Hence, there is demand for skilled IT professionals in organisations. In such a scenario, candidates can enjoy lucrative careers in Information Technology sphere. 

Let’s have a look at different sectors that are loaded with opportunities for IT professionals:

Private companies and MNCs: Since companies of all sizes exploit IT systems, there is a massive demand for IT managers. You can join any of the organisation and start earning well.

E-commerce Industry: The internet is flooded with several e-commerce websites. The industry has generated vast opportunities for IT professionals. Each e-commerce industry needs IT managers to take care of its IT systems. The candidates can earn decent remuneration by working with some of the top e-commerce giants.

Education Industry: Instead of joining a company and exercising IT management, candidates can even choose to become professors and train other aspirants. This career is most important for the upcoming generation of the country.

Government Sector: The PSU’s and other government organisations demand IT professionals to protect them from any unforeseen threats and cyber crimes. Thus, professionals can even grab a government job and be a part of one of the most lucrative career.

Career Options in the Information Technology Industry

After pursuing a suitable course in the field of IT, the professionals can undertake various job roles including:

Chief Technology Officer

In a company, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) looks after its technological development. The task of the personnel is to look after cyber and technology-related threats and opportunities in the business. A CTO overlooks IT department and supervises IT managers. This position is open in companies that operate in fields such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, etc.

Project Manager of IT

IT Project Manager is responsible for different projects related to IT. He creates a plan, formulates strategy and ensures completion of project within the allocated budget and time.

 IT Director

The position of IT director is one of the most important positions in the industry. The person is responsible to manage IT team efficiently so that they can meet the set objectives within the allotted time framework. It is the task of IT director to eliminate any kind of security risk, maintain efficient operations of the company and ensure user satisfaction.

Chief Information Officer

Chief Information Officer is responsible for managing, implementing and using computer-based technologies to accomplish the defined goals. With the expansion of the IT sector, the demand for CIOs has also increased.

Program Manager

A program manager is the person who looks after progression of processes and develops strategies for project managers and team members so as to promote the culture of the company.

There are innumerable opportunities in the field of IT. However, candidates need to acquire requisite skills to be eligible to capture the opportunities. If you are looking to ace the field of IT, then you should consider pursuing PGDM or PGDBA in Information Technology from MIT-SDE. In the course, candidates learn management practices and gain the skills of managing IT employees and systems. So, become job-ready by pursuing management courses from MIT-SDE.