Can students have a bright career with a distance degree?

There is a common myth among the students that a distance degree may not fetch the same benefits as a regular degree. That is why many students are skeptical about pursuing education via distance learning mode. The students believe that a distance degree will not be considered by employers. Furthermore, they believe that they won’t be able to secure high-paying jobs and witness career progression by pursuing a distance course. However, this is just a myth. If you acquire distance degree from a reputed institution like MIT School of Distance Education (MIT-SDE), then it will be as valuable as a regular degree. Furthermore, students can land with decent jobs after the course.

MIT-SDE: Top distance learning institute of India

MIT-SDE is a pioneer distance learning institute in the country. It is a constituent of MIT Group of Institutes, a center of educational excellence. The institute offers management courses spread across different durations. The level of courses is at par with the regular management courses. MIT-SDE’s courses inculcate managerial and entrepreneurial skills in the students. These empower the students will skill sets that allow them to shine in the job front. It is also an ideal course for aspiring entrepreneurs as it trains them to lay the foundation of their venture successfully.

Advantages of a distance degree    

Distance learning courses are flexible, convenient and economical. These are as valuable as regular courses if done from a reputed institute. Now, let’s have a look at various aspects associated with a distance degree:

Distance education leads to decent career prospects through acquired skill-sets

By virtue of distance learning courses, both students and working professionals can receive education and enhance their skill sets. While the students can pursue graduate and postgraduate courses to enhance job prospects, the working professionals can pursue these courses to achieve speedy promotions. New skill-sets are essential for professionals to climb up the ladder of promotion, which can be acquired conveniently via distance education. Hence, it can be rightly said that a distance degree augments career prospects. 

Recognition and Approval

Different distance learning institutions are recognized as well as approved by different bodies. Those distance colleges that are approved by government bodies are considered valid for government services and top private posts. MIT-SDE is recognized by AICTE, which is a statutory body of the Ministry of Human Resource Department, India.  It is also a member of International Council for Open and Distance Education and certified by MCCIA. This clearly signifies that students can seize innumerable job opportunities after the completion of their course from MIT-SDE.

Placement Support

In addition, preparing the students for jobs and enhancing their personality, distance learning colleges offer placement support. In case of MIT-SDE, the experts offer career guidance to each student throughout the course and even after its completion. They also help meritorious students with placement in reputed companies.  

Good ROI

Distance Learning courses are offered so that individuals can continue their education and enhance their skill sets despite physical barriers, personal issues, professional commitments and financial difficulties. Distance learning courses are economical. Their fee is much less than a regular course. However, distance learners seize amazing job opportunities after the completion of the course. So, it can be concluded that a distance degree yields good ROI.  So, have you made your mind to pursue MBA equivalent courses through distance education? Looking for the best distance learning institute in India? If so, then choose MIT-SDE.