Best Distance Learning Courses

In this developing and digitalised world, knowledge and education has no borders. Digital Education has taken the world by storm. It allows individuals to study with ease at their own schedule. So, individuals do not need to leave their studies in between due to several adverse factors.  Distance learning courses give such students an option to receive knowledge online.   Thus, it empowers the aspirants to pursue higher educational courses despite professional commitment, personal difficulty and physical barriers.

In India, Distance Education is rapidly gaining popularity. It facilitates the individuals to work along with pursuing their higher studies. So, they can earn their livelihood and simultaneously enhance their skills to climb the ladder of promotion.

Considering the growing popularity of correspondence education, a plethora of distance education courses are available at students’ disposal. However, distance MBA course is a forerunner among all other distance learning courses. There are innumerable colleges that offer distance MBA, but one should choose the best institute to reap the benefits of an MBA course to the fullest.

Best distance learning courses offered by MIT-SDE

MIT School of Distance Education (MIT-SDE) is indisputably among the finest distance learning colleges in India. The college offers management courses in order to give wings to the dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs and managers.

At present, it offers Post Graduate Certificate in Management (PGCM), Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA). The courses are regarded as equivalent to a distance MBA course. However, they are much better than it as students get access to the updated syllabus and top-notch quality study material.

So, MIT-SDE’s courses are relevant to the present industrial landscape and the course is industry-centric. Furthermore, the candidates can choose from various exciting disciplines such as Supply Chain, HR, Material Management, IT, Marketing, Finance, Risk Management and any more.

PGCM Course

Post Graduate Certificate in Management is a one year course which specialises a student to attain all the required managerial skills and knowledge to achieve a place in this highly competitive world.

If you wish to move hand in hand with everyone, then you must be acquired with the required skill, qualification, knowledge and experience. PGC in Modern Office Management and PGC in Retail Management are the two specialised professional courses that can widen your career prospects immediately after completion.

PGDM Course

PGDM or Post Graduation Diploma in Management is course spanned at a duration of one and a half year. It can be pursued in any specialisation of management including Information Technology, Human Resource, Finance, Marketing, and Material Management. MIT-SDE exploits the Learning Management System (LMS) whereby all the course-related study materials are uploaded in the student’s account. Furthermore, the study materials are self-explanatory and presented in a lucid language. Hence, they are perfect for self-study. The physical book is also available for those who wish to study in the traditional way.

PGDBA Courses

Quite similar to an MBA course, Post Graduation Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA) is a two-year program offered by MIT-SDE.  It enhances the entrepreneurial and managerial skills of the students so that they can gain speedy promotional or a well-paid. PGDBA can be pursued in specialisations such as Project Management, Marketing, Supply Chain, Finance, Human Resource, Operations, etc. MIT-SDE also organises webinars for its students where experts clarify the doubts of students and build their concepts. MIT-SDE also offers career guidance and placement support.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for admissions at MIT-SDE right away and broaden your career prospects.