Why Should You Opt For A Post Graduate Diploma In Material Management?

Uninterrupted movement of materials is indispensable for the smooth functioning of an organisation’s supply chain and timely delivery of its finished products and services to its end users. Material management is the discipline that acknowledges this need for a continuous flow of materials by emphasising the effective organizing and control of the entire material life cycle, starting from planning of inventory and providing timely releases to suppliers for fresh stock to the actual sourcing of raw materials & spare parts and their subsequent warehousing and shipment to their intended destinations.Material Management

A post graduate diploma in material management is essential for you if you find yourself intrigued by the dynamics of accurate inventory management and the various aspects concerning the optimal administration of an organisation’s warehouse. This course will help you convert your area of interest into a rewarding career path by broadening your understanding of this field and empowering you with the techniques to overcome its inherent challenges.



Roles and Responsibilities of a Materials Manager

The role of a material manager is a multifaceted one that varies in its scope from one company to another. Broadly, this role can entail stock estimation and production planning, vendor evaluation, selection and negotiation, ordering/re-ordering of materials in precise quantities and at cost-effective prices, quality control of purchased materials, verifying, analysing and keeping track of inventory adjustments, waste management, inspection of unreported scrap, logistics management including finalisation of reliable and economical goods carriers, reviewing of bill of materials and production reports for inaccuracies and discrepancies, communicating with suppliers and procurement teams to resolve order- and billing-related issues, fostering healthy relationships with suppliers and a host of other ancillary activities.

On-time delivery is one of the key accountabilities of this role as any delay on the part of the suppliers can lead to a lag in the supply of the final output to the end customers. Likewise, avoiding or keeping ‘stock out’ situations to a bare minimal is of prime importance as it can hamper production and adversely impact customer relationships and profitability of an establishment. As a material manager, one has to be well-versed with the use of business-management ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, such as Oracle, SAP and ARA5 which are exploited by most big firms and large-sized companies to control their material management process. The ultimate goal of a material manager is to drive robust and optimal handling of materials in order to enable an organisation to curtail a variety of costs related to its inventory, purchasing and distribution of commodities.

How Can You Benefit From a PDGBA in Materials Management?

To flourish in your career in materials management, you must be equipped with specific skills and knowledge that will allow you to successfully undertake and fulfil the responsibilities of a wide gamut of roles that are prevalent in this field. Whether you envision yourself as a Store Manager, ERP Developer, Materials Manager or Stock and Inventory Head, a post graduate diploma in materials management can benefit you immensely by increasing your chances of assuming senior positions in an organisation and opening the doors to a plethora of exciting career opportunities across multiple industries and business sectors.

Pune-based MIT School of Distance Education (MITSDE) is one of the leading providers of material management correspondence courses in India. Designed to cater to the learning needs of fresh graduates and experienced professionals alike, MITSDE’s distance learning courses incorporate flexible course modules that can be pursued from any location and without having to let go of one’s existing job and also boasts a comprehensive curriculum that is as detailed as the course content of a distance MBA.

By enrolling in its online PG Diploma in materials management, you will be able to utilise your precious time in gaining proficiency in vital areas of Material and Store Management, Legal Aspect of Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Risk Management, Marketing Management, Managerial Finance and several other interrelated sub areas and functions. 100% placement support and recognition from UGC and DEB make this course a one of a kind certification programme that is at par with a correspondence MBA – both in terms of its global acceptance and with respect to its practical, case-study based learning methodology.

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