What is the perception of distance learning?

Introduced in the year 1985, Distance Education has gained immense significance among modern-day learners. Today, it is a highly accepted and recognized form of education. Both academicians and working professionals are gradually showing an inclination towards distance education. It is because distance education empowers individuals to learn and sharpen their skills from any physical location at any point in time. It is also an economic mode of education, so innumerable learners can upgrade their skills within budget. Looking at the rising demand for distance learning programs, many institutes are offering such courses. While many students are embracing distance education with open arms, there are people who are skeptical about it. Let’s find out more about the diverse perspective of distance learning. 

Perception of distance learning

Just like a coin has two sides, there are two different perspectives of distance learning. While there are many people who think distance education is a flexible and better mode of education, there are some people who think that a distance degree is not equivalent to a regular degree. A few individuals feel that employers won’t value a degree acquired through distance education. However, this is not the case in reality.  Today, distance learning has proved to be a highly approved form of education among both job seekers and employers. You just have to ensure that you pursue a distance learning course from a college recognized by UGC or other educational bodies. 

Why distance education is chosen by learners?

There are various advantages because of which students prefer distance education. Let’s have a look over them.

  • Distance learning is a flexible mode of education so candidates can learn along with continuing their jobs. 
  • The learners can set their schedule and study from any place
  • Irrespective of the age or physical location, myriads of people can pursue distance education
  • Distance learning is cost-friendly. You don’t have to apply for education loans for it.
  • A wide variety of courses are available via distance education. You can choose from them according to your needs.
  • It brings experts on board as they train the learners through webinars or study materials prepared by them.
Best Distance Education Institute in India

Now it is clear that distance education is a convenient mode of education. A degree/diploma acquired via distance education will be valued by employers if you pursue the course through institutes certified by reputed educational bodies. 

MIT School of Distance Education (MIT-SDE) is one of the best distance education institutes in India. It is a distance learning wing of MIT Group, a reputed educational body of India. Let have a look at some of the advantages of studying at MIT-SDE: 

  • The institute is AICTE & ICDE approved.
  • The curriculum of courses offered by MIT-SDE is updated in line with industrial trends
  • The study material is self-explanatory and prepared by industry experts
  • An LMS system is used to disseminate knowledge
  • It offers PGDM, PGCM and PGDBA courses in specializations such as Operations Management, Energy Management, IT Management, Marketing Management, and various other management courses.
  • MIT-SDE offers career guidance by experts and placement opportunities in the top companies
  • There are scholarships and facility to pay fees in installments for economically weaker students.

Hence, apply for admissions at MIT-SDE and upgrade your skills, knowledge and employability.