What is PGCM? Which is the best institute to pursue PGCM courses?

Post Graduate Certificate in Management (PGCM) is a short-term certification course that equips individuals with requisite skills to enter the field of management. Unlike other professional courses, PGCM is an entry-level course that teaches the basics of the corporate world to the candidates so that they can get absorbed in the industry right after completion of course. It also helps in keeping working professionals abreast of changes in the industry so that they can practice relevant managerial skills in their workplace. 

According to a data revealed by Association for Talent Development (ATD), companies that focus on employee training witness 218% growth in their overall income. In such a scenario, PGCM course is perfect to up skill employees.  

Benefits of PGCM course

As the business environment is dynamic and changes at regular intervals, it is necessary to learn about new trends entering the market. A PGCM course familiarizes individuals with these new trends which enhance their relevancy in the working environment.

Rather than learning the entire management course and spending 2 years in the learning process, candidates can pursue a 1-year PGCM course to enhance managerial and entrepreneurial skills. Hence, pursuing a PGCM course is a good step to fast-track your career.

Are you searching for the best institute for the PGCM course? Then, you must choose the MIT School of Distance Education (MIT-SDE).

Best institute for PGCM courses: MIT-SDE

MIT-SDE is the best distance learning institute in India. It is a component of the MIT Group, which is a center of educational excellence. The group laid the foundation of MIT-SDE to provide a learning platform where students can study as per their convenience and upgrade their skills. MIT-SDE offers PGDM, PGDBA and PGCM courses in different specializations of management. These courses are perfect to equip the students with managerial and entrepreneurial skills that are essential to remain competitive in the industry.  

The PGCM course offered by MIT-SDE is relevant for both working professionals and students. Pursuing a PGCM course doesn’t force you to lose your job as you can learn and earn simultaneously. In fact, it is perfect for those individuals who are engaged in jobs and wish to upgrade their skills so that they don’t lack behind their competitors. The 1-year PGCM course of MIT-SDE can be pursued in two specializations:

PGCM in Modern Office Management

A PGCM in Modern Office Management prepares individuals for the corporate world. This course outfits you with the all-encompassing information pertaining to office management. It equips the learners with the best techniques, terminologies and principles of management that can be practiced in the workplace. It helps individuals to smoothly enter the corporate world and to climb up the ladder of promotion by demonstrating sound management skills.

PGCM in Retail Management

A PGCM in Retail Management is an imperative course to pursue if you wish to enter the consistently thriving retail industry. Through this course, MIT-SDE trains individuals of best practices and flow of the retail industry so that they can make a good mark in the sector. This course will surely improve your employability skills and potentials in the retail sector. This course converts aspirants into well-equipped professionals.

Hence, if you are looking for a short-term course that you can pursue from anywhere and at any time, then you can consider MIT-SDE’s PGCM course. Apply for admissions right away and step towards a lucrative career.