Top online PG courses to pursue in 2023

Upgrading your skills regularly has long-term benefits when it comes to growing in your career. 

Upgrading one’s skills is crucial to earning better and achieving personal and professional goals. However, most corporate professionals often lack the time, and mental and monetary bandwidth to upskill. 

This is why online or distance education courses gained impetus. During the pandemic and the lockdown, online education was the only option for all. Hence it was during the lockdown that people realized the importance and benefits of online education.

Online or distance education is beneficial to the working population as well due to the flexibility it offers.

Today, in the ever-evolving digital world, you require courses that have a blend of the latest technologies and theoretical knowledge.  

This is where MIT School of Distance Education, one of India’s leading online learning institutions proves advantageous to working professionals. MITSDE is approved by AICTE (Govt. of India) and provides distance learning Post Graduate Diploma in Management courses. The courses are curated and delivered by industry experts imparting relevant knowledge. They are beneficial in bridging skill gaps.

Here is a list of top courses that bring maximum returns on your investment – 

Post Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an effective way for businesses to expand beyond geographical boundaries without having to spend much. This is why the expected market size of the digital advertising industry in India is Rs. 359 billion.

In India salary of a digital marketer ranges from Rs. 3.5 LPA to Rs. 10 LPA and an average of Rs. 4.5 LPA.

Career opportunities in the Digital Marketing industry are – 

  • Digital marketing executive
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Content writing executive
  • Content manager
  • SEO manager
  • Social Media manager
  • Digital marketing specialist
  • Acquisition manager

PG Certification in Digital Marketing (PGCM Digital Marketing) course covers the latest concepts and gives hands-on training on the latest tools. It teaches you to create a virtual brand, analyse market trends, and design campaigns.

Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management

A project manager is responsible for planning the process, communicating the same with the team, coordinating with various departments, senior management, and clients, monitoring & tracking the progress of the project, risk-taking, and risk management.

The desired qualities of a project manager are –

  • Strong leadership
  • Good interpersonal communication
  • Team-player
  • Risk-taker
  • Analytical skills
  • Time-management skill
  • Creativity
  • Good in documentation
  • Deep understanding of the business processes & functions
  • Multi-tasker
  • Strong technical knowledge

In today’s world, a person with all these qualities can earn an average annual salary of Rs. 12-14 LPA in India. In countries like the USA, the average annual salary will be in the range of $ 51000 – 110000. In the UK, the salary will be approximately £39000/-

The course covers the core concept and importance of Project Management. It includes hands-on tools like Microsoft Project and Jira. It also imparts skills like project analysis, risk management, and project audit techniques.

Post Graduate Diploma in Finance Management

Finance is the backbone of any organization and requires the manager to possess relevant skills and updated knowledge. 

Currently, the Indian financial market is valued at 37.37 trillion (US$ 477.55 billion). And is expected to grow in the coming few years. This translates into extensive opportunities in the financial services sector. 

The salary of a finance professional tentatively ranges from Rs. 3.5 LPA – Rs. 15 LPA. 

This finance course covers analytical skills, interpersonal skills, risk assessment & management, data visualization, accounting skills, record keeping & data representation skills.

Post Graduate Diploma in IT Management

The IT sector is evolving rapidly. The job opportunities in his sector are highly lucrative due to the pay scale and opportunities abroad. 

Potential IT career opportunities – 

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Information Technology Director
  • Information System Manager
  • Project Manager -IT Software
  • IT Security Manager
  • Cyber Security Manager
  • Ethical Hacker

Owing to the demand of this sector and Government policies, employment opportunities are expected to grow. The need for professionals will rise to 14 million people and add USD 380 billion to India’s GDP.

This is why the salary range is Rs. 5 LPA to Rs 30 LPA, with an average of Rs. 12 LPA.

For a flourishing career in the Information Technology sector, one must possess the perfect blend of technical as well as business acumen.

The PGDM – IT course covers the core concepts associated with the sector. It explains the different tools and techniques specific to IT projects. It develops people management skills. It focuses on project strategies for effective IT project rollouts, the latest trends in the IT sector and the importance of systems security and the techniques to maintain the reliability of the system.

Post Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics 

Analytics is utilised for deriving meaningful insights for various business functions and processes such as marketing, sales, HR, finance, etc. This opens avenues for freshers and experienced professionals in the field of business analytics. Companies all over the world, big or small use data to transform their operations. It helps them to understand the potential of the market, take corrective actions and plan their future strategies.

Hence synthesizing the data requires skill and offers numerous market opportunities for a skilled Business Analyst. The average salary of a BA ranges between Rs. 4 LPA to Rs. 15 LPA.

The course covers data mining techniques, data interpretation & data visualization methods, and predictive modelling techniques. It also focuses on the application of analytics in various domains such as HR, Finance, Marketing & Supply chain.