Top 5 things to consider while choosing from Distance MBA and Post Graduate Diploma Course in Operations Management

The potential of an organisation lies within its labour and materials. Converting these labour and materials into services and products requires diligence and strategic approach. It is by virtue of the operation managers that a company gains good reputation in the market by producing high quality products and offering improved services. Thus, operations managers play a vital role in determining the ultimate image of an organisation in its industry.

In order to become a successful operations manager, one has to possess certain skills and qualifications. More than academic certifications, aspirants must have specialised certifications in operations management. Presently, there are many career options in this profession. Many universities offer distance learning MBA in operations management while some other institutions offer post graduate diploma in operations management. Before choosing any of these courses, aspirants need to be clear if this is the career that’s cut out for them. To arrive at the conclusion, they must ask the following questions:

  1. Is the course recognised?

First and foremost, candidates must assess the accreditation and recognition of the course, no matter whichever institute or university conducts it. Before submitting their final application, they must ensure that it has national recognition which means it will also be recognised beyond the domestic premises. In case the courses are conducted by autonomous institutions, students must enquire of the accreditation of the institution along with individual recognition of the course. Moreover, instead of asking the authorities, it is better to check with the national level authorities and then re-confirm the stature of recognition of the institution or university offering the course.

  1. What is the scope at national and international level?

Second most important factor is the scope. Candidates need to do some industry research, ask their known ones about the probable scope and opportunities of this profession. Further, they must also be aware about long-term growth and sustenance after pursuing post graduate diploma in operations management so as to avoid career switch in mid-life. Scopes and opportunities at a global scale should also be researched. Knowing all the scopes and opportunities will enable a student to find prospects, after the completion of the course.

  1. What is the nature of work?

That’s another significant thing to consider. Just accreditation and opportunities won’t help unless professionals are comfortable with the overall job profile, nature of duties and job responsibilities. Therefore, candidates must ask themselves if the work of operations managers excites them at all. Further, they must also consider the average amount of time spent by operation management professionals on a regular basis. Also they must see if it is a shift-based work. Only after arriving at all these answers, aspirants can proceed towards this career.

  1. How much does an average operation manager earn from a standard company?

Hard work should always be paid. Candidates need to assess the average income of an operations manager at all levels. Besides salary structure, presence of incentive payment (if any) should be ensured. After knowing the pay-scale, the best thing to do is to calculate how much to be given Vs how much to expect in return. With this, candidates can be sure that this is what they want and can proceed accordingly.

  1. What are the cons of this profession?

Knowing the positive sides of any profession is not enough. Each and every corporate responsibility has its pros and cons. Hence, aspirants must consider the disadvantages of working as an operations manager and see if he/she can adjust with the circumstances. If the answer is yes, there’s no looking back. Operations management is the one and only career that’s meant for the aspirant.

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