Three Important Phases of Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management refers to the process of recruiting, selecting, hiring, training, and developing the skills of the employees. HR team is the most valuable asset of any firm as it directly deals with the employee and ensures that they are productive. Therefore, companies hunt for HR professionals who have pertinent skills to perform all the employees-related tasks from hiring to retirement efficiently. In such a scenario, HR management course can boost your skills and uplift your market value so that you are easily picked up by top companies.    

It’s the task of the human resource managers to implement the laws of employment within an organization, to train the employees to abide by the rules and to perform their job efficaciously. The HR managers decide pay grades, rewards, and remuneration of each employee. They even settle work-related disputes.

Generally, there are three phases of Human Resource Management namely, the pre-hiring phase of the employee, Training and Development phase and the post-hiring phase of the employee.

  1. Phase of Pre-hiring of the employee

HR managers are bestowed with the responsibility to recruit right employees to fill in the vacant positions in the organization. Under this phase, they prepare job advertisements to invite eligible candidates for the interview. They also decide venues that can be used for promoting open positions. The HR professionals may visit college placement cells, attend job fairs, or participate in recruiting events to shortlist the suitable candidates.

They then conduct pre-employment tests, interview the candidates and conduct their background check.  Finally, the suitable candidates are approved and offered the job.

  1. Training and Development Phase of the Employee

After hiring the candidates, the human resource managers conduct an orientation program where candidates are given comprehensive information about their job, company and the work environment. The candidates are made acquainted with the work-culture and introduced to all the team members including the managers and executives. The candidates are then vigorously trained, educated and their skills are developed with respect to the positions that they’ll hold. They go through different pieces of training such as induction training, job training, safety training and many more. The candidates are accustomed to the tools, machines and safety norms that have to follow. They are also informed of the salary package, policies, perks, leaves and other work-related facts.

  1. Post-Hiring Phase of the Employee

After the employees are hired, it is very common that the disputes may arise between the workers / employees working in the organization or between workers/employees and managers. Hence, the human resource managers perform the task of settling such disputes. Furthermore, the employment laws change recurrently so the human resource managers act as the consultants for the employees. They notify the employees regarding any change in the laws. They even take care of their remuneration, workplace and other factors.

Those HR professionals who manage these three phases efficiently have a rewarding career. Candidates interested in making their career in this sector can pursue HR management courseMIT School of Distance Education offers PG Diploma Course in HR Management which is a value-added course that will surely provide deep knowledge and boost your skills. The course is a distance learning program so anybody can pursue the course according to their convenience.

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