SOAR: A powerful tool for IT Security

Organisations constantly adapt and strengthen their defences in today’s cyber security concerns. One powerful tool that has appeared in recent years to fight cyber threats is SOAR.

It stands for Security Orchestration, Automation and Response. SOAR simplifies complex IT security processes. It also provides several key benefits for organisations looking to strengthen their cyber security.

SOAR – Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response is a software platform that helps organisations automate and streamline their security incident response process.

Here are some major benefits of SOAR –

Detect and respond to threats quickly

SOAR platforms can automate the collection, analyse and respond to security alerts. This can help organisations to reduce the time it takes to respond to threats.

A SOAR platform can check a suspicious email attachment, stop the sender from sending more emails, and tell the user.

Improve visibility and coordination

SOAR platforms can provide a centralised view of all security incidents. It helps organisations to understand the scope of threats better and to coordinate their response.

A SOAR platform can show all incidents related to a threat. It can also help security analysts coordinate their response to these incidents.

Reduce manual workloads

SOAR platforms can automate many of the manual tasks involved in security incident response. This includes gathering data, investigating incidents, and taking improved steps. This can free up security analysts to focus on more strategic tasks.

For example, a SOAR platform can automatically collect data from all the security systems in an organisation. It can use that data to investigate incidents and improve steps.

Improve compliance

SOAR platforms can help organisations to comply with security regulations. You can achieve this by ensuring that you handle security incidents in a consistent and repeatable manner.

For example, a SOAR platform can help organisations to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by ensuring that personal data is handled in a secure manner.

How SOAR platforms can be used to benefit IT cyber security:

  • To automate the response to common security incidents. This includes phishing attacks and malware infections. This can free up security analysts to focus on more complex incidents.
  • To coordinate the response to complex security incidents. It includes data violations and ransomware attacks. This can help organisations to respond to these incidents more effectively and efficiently.
  • A SOAR platform can help organisations enhance security by automating tasks like scanning for vulnerabilities and managing patches. This can help organisations to reduce the risk of cyberattacks.
  • An organisation can use a SOAR platform to improve its compliance with security regulations. For example, a SOAR platform can be used to automate the reporting of security incidents to regulators.

Overall, SOAR is a valuable tool for organisations of all sizes that are looking to improve their IT cyber security posture.

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