Importance of Information Technology

In today’s technology-driven and digitalized world, more than 50 percent of the world’s population is involved in some or other type of business. In such a scenario, Information Technology is playing a key role in lightening up the workload of managers and in boosting the organization’s competence level. From a small business with a single computer to multi-national companies with a mainframe database, IT finds its application everywhere.

Information technology has helped the managers in leaving behind the complex methods of data storage and in the effective management of processes. In the modern organization, IT systems serve as its pillars that support everything from the storage of data to customer and supplier management.

Some of the applications of IT in organisations are as follows:

Communication between the employees, suppliers and the customers

Maintaining a relationship with the employees, suppliers and customers is very important. For most of the companies, email works as the principal means of communication as an email can connect millions of people in a single go. Other methods such as live chat, video conferences, voice over internet protocol telephones are the advanced technological means of communication.

Customer Relationship Management

To enhance the designing and management of customer relationships, companies are making use of information technology. There are arrays of customer relationship management software that are exploited to manage and enhance customer experiences. The software even enhances customer care support.

For instance, it leads to speedy service when a customer contacts customer care.  The customer representatives can immediately get information related to the purchase of the customer will as well as related information. So, they will resolve the query in an effective manner.

Data Management Systems

Earlier, all the company’s data were maintained in files and stored in large rooms or filing cabinets. However, with the advent of technological storage devices, data is stored in digital form. Due to digital data storage, the documents can be easily accessed at the required time and place by the employees of the company. It indeed saves time and effort of the employees. Furthermore, it even safeguards the data from unauthorized access.

Management Information Systems

Data is a valuable entity for any organisation as it is used in the strategic planning process. The companies make use of Management Information System to keep a regular track on the different data such as sales data, productivity, expenses as well as the profit earned on a regular run. This data is analysed to create strategies so as to hike ROI and clearly identify grey areas in the organization.

Clearly, IT is one of the core components of any organization. The day-to-day operations of any company are dependent on its IT systems. That is why companies seek for IT managers who can ensure regular upkeep of IT systems and troubleshoot. Thus, the scope for IT managers is vast and they are paid well. In such a scenario, aspirants can pursue PGDM in IT Management from MIT School of Distance Education and enhance their employability. Our PGDM course in a rich mix of theoretical and practical concepts and it offers industry-specific knowledge. So, if you want to hone your managerial skills and master IT management, then enroll for admissions at MITSDE.