How to Optimise your CV to Showcase your Distance Learning Degree

Today, competition is burgeoning in the job front while the openings are limited. Hence, the only option left to claim your dream job is by standing out from the crowd. For this purpose, your CV is your asset. It is the reflection of your personality and qualifications. Since your CV is your first impression on the employers, it should be optimized for the best results.

Some people claim that adding distance learning to the CV does not attract employers. However, distance learning degree is a reflection of your skills and additional qualification, so it can prove beneficial for you if used smartly.  Here are some ways you can optimize your CV to showcase your distance learning degree.

Keep your qualification above work experience

While creating a CV, we tend to emphasize more on our work experience rather than our educational qualifications. On the contrary, if you have distance education degree, it is better to keep your qualifications on the top. This shows to the employers that you have the zeal to learn new things. It will also signify your hard work and sincerity towards gaining knowledge and growing professionally.

Mention your key skills

You must have learnt new things, enhanced your knowledge and honed certain skills under your distance learning course. So, you must showcase your additional knowledge and skills that you gained in the course. Make it a practice to optimize the CV according to job opening. For this, place the most pertinent skill to the job at the top of skills list.

Highlight your modules 

By enlisting all/important modules of your distance learning course, you make it easier for employers to understand the skills and knowledge that you possess. You can give detailed information about the courses you studied by providing information about modules in the bulleted list.

Showcase your practical knowledge

Possessing knowledge in a subject is totally different from applying the knowledge in real-Practical knowledge is a plus point for all the job seekers. So, in addition to mentioning your skills, include details of all the projects or workshops that you attended in the CV. It will exemplify your practical approach to work.

Only mention relevant information

One of the best ways to optimize your CV is by keeping only relevant information. Often, employers get annoyed by going through skills or details which does not relate to the job description. It gives them an impression that you are careless and ignorant towards the job you have applied for. So, you should check the job and only mention the courses or qualifications which are relevant to the job you have applied, because the rest is just useless for employers.

So, those were some ways to make your CV more effective and showcase your distance learning degree. When you pursue your distance education course from India’s top distance learning institute, MIT School of Distance Education, it totally enhances your CV and gives you a competitive edge. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for job-centric PGDM and PGDBA course offered by MIT-SDE.