How MITSDE’s PGDBA Course in Supply Chain Management differentiates itself from other Distance MBA programs?

A wide range of tasks that includes monitoring the flow of raw materials and finished goods from one supply chain to another; maintaining logistics, keeping a record on stock and inventory and various other miscellaneous duties sums up the overall job scenario in supply chain management. Professionals in this sector are undoubtedly multi-talented. At any point of time, they keep multiple things in their head. Perseverance, patience and planning are the core professional qualities that are deemed necessary in order to become a supply chain manager.

Like most other professional disciplines, supply chain management also finds space in various professional universities and institutions. However, most of the courses are of distance MBA stature. As a result, courses are quite obsolete and are confined within the theoretical realms of supply chain management.

Keeping all these institutions far behind, MIT School of Distance Education conducts a unique program in this discipline- post graduate diploma in supply chain management. It is way different than conventional distance learning MBA in supply chain management in the following ways:

  1. Autonomous Existence

MIT School of Distance Education is an independent institution offering professional certifications in various disciplines, one of them being supply chain management. Although it is not affiliated to any university, yet it has a national recognition. Students passing out from this institution can show their certificates anywhere in the world and apply for higher promotions in this sector. Since MITSDE has an autonomous existence, its post graduate diploma in supply chain management course is flexible and dynamic, with more emphasis on practical knowledge.

  1. Updated Syllabus

Universities conducting supply management course offer Correspondence MBA in supply chain management. Here, they follow the age-old syllabus and emphasise on theoretical knowledge. On the contrary, MITSDE takes a better stand by offering post graduate diploma in supply chain management, where it updates the syllabus, each passing year. The entire curriculum of a year is made after considering the needs and demands of the industries, nature of work and the changing dynamics. As a result, professionals pursuing this course learn the latest things, increase their awareness and improve efficiency in every work that is shouldered on them.

  1. Extensive Practical Guidance

Books and the real industry are poles apart. Thus, going back to the theories of supply chain management has no value in professional education. MITSDE’s post graduate diploma in supply chain management course talks about workable concepts, presents case studies, highlights success stories and encourages professionals to come up with newer innovative ideas for managing the entire chain of supplies. It therefore provides state-of-the-art practical knowledge and automatically makes the candidates ready for a brighter and better future.

  1. Highlighting Latest Industry Trends and Innovations

To become a better employee, one has to know the latest trends and practices prevalent in the sector. In a similar way, supply chain professionals must keep pace with such advancements. MITSDE’s post graduate diploma in supply chain management serves as an extensive learning platform where candidates get the latest know-how of supply management. Furthermore, the course provides an opportunity to get deeper insights and see the same things from a different angle. In this way, professionals learn the art of innovation along with the ways of implementing the innovative ideas.

  1. Providing Quality Study Material & Knowledge

Distance learning MBA in supply chain management trains candidates for entry-level positions only. On the other hand, post graduate diploma in supply chain management conducted by MITSDE provides simplified and high quality study materials & knowledge with an aim to help the professionals achieve senior-level ranks. The course equips the candidates with all the essential learning and guidance and makes them able decision makers in the future.

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