Careers after Retail Management

The retail sector of India is booming in recent years. The concept of shopping and consumer behaviour has changed in this age of technology. This change coupled with exponential increase in the figure of people with disposable income has made retail sector one of the biggest contributors in the economy of the country. Retail is a customer-centric sector that allows individuals to get access to goods matching their every day as well as luxury needs. This is possible through retail management.

What is retail management?

Retail management is concerned with the management of activities within a retail firm. It works under the paradigm, ‘Customer is king’ and thus the companies apply different marketing strategies to make the availability of the goods at a reasonable price and best quality to the customers. It involves operations such as marketing, supply management, merchandising, personnel management, retail operations and many more.

Need for retail management

In the present times, there is an expansion in the retail sector which has led to increased demand for skilled professionals who can manage the functioning and operations of a retail store. Furthermore, several MNCs are entering the industry thereby leading to numerous opportunities in the field.

India has adapted itself to the hypermarket and supermarket concept from famous international brands such as Wal Mart which uses advanced supply chain strategies for increasing its products sale. Brands such as Gucci, Ray Ban, Calvin Klein have set-up their businesses in India providing high-end customer satisfaction and enhanced quality of products.

The industry needs efficient retail managers who can cater to the changing techniques and technologies in the field. One can seize these opportunities by doing a course in retail management. Retail management is a complex concept, so aspiring retail managers should pursue a course in the field to enhance their knowledge. 

Scope of retail management course

A course in retail management has become one of the favourite courses among the students as it promises enormous employment opportunities and attractive salary packages. In the Indian context, retail is an emerging market that is in a lookout for skilled professionals. In such a scenario, you can pursue a course in retail management and seize job opportunities. 

MBA in Retail Management is a course that prepares retail managers. By pursuing this course, you can gain in-depth knowledge of the field. The candidates can explore different careers after retail management such as Image Promoter, Merchandiser, Store Manager, Brand Manager, Retail Manager, Department Manager, Analyst, Customer Care Executive, Warehouse Manager, Supply Chain Distributer, etc. The average salary package in retail management starts from 2 lakhs annually and may go up depending upon the position and the work pressure of the candidate in the company.

Retail Management Course offered by MIT-SDE

Regarded as one of the top 10 most promising distance learning institutes of the country, MIT School of Distance Education (MIT-SDE) offers course in retail management. Its courses allow both students and working professionals to study according to their schedule. Students get access to self-explanatory study materials that are uploaded to their account. Furthermore, video lectures and webinars are organised to allow students to clarify their doubts and build their concepts. The experts also offer career guidance and placement support. So, enrol at MIT-SDE and get access to lucrative careers after retail management.