To make sure that society progresses on sustainable basis we not only require knowledge of facts, but right education , nurtured by ability and humility together. As Mahatma Gandhi interpreted “Persistent questioning and healthy inquisitiveness are the first requisite for acquiring learning of any kind”. Therefore education must nurture the ability to interpret, to make critical judgments, dare to ask the biggest questions, and it must stimulate the appetite for curiosity.

My Engineering and Research knowledge taught me that when you’re intellectually, physically, and (most importantly) emotionally capable of producing desired results, its then that your idea hits a wall and falls flat in a dozen pieces on the floor. So it’s all about how you pick up the pieces and redesign; surely it will constitute into your valuable experiences. True education must correspond to the surrounding circumstances or it is not a healthy growth.

Universities produce knowledge. But they must also produce doubt. The pursuit of truth is restless. A superlative knowledge and education can take you deep into the building blocks of matter, from the tiniest organisms on the planet to the stardust of the outermost cosmos, it can help unearth the past, ground you in the present, and prepare you for the future you will help shape.

Education must help aspirers in seeking solutions to problems that may have seemed unsolvable, endeavoring to answer questions that threaten to elude us. The scientific research undertaken today at MIT School of Distance Education, and tomorrow by the students we educate, has a capacity to improve human lives in ways virtually unimaginable even a generation ago.

Today we pledge to send number of MIT School of Distance Education graduates into the world ready to take on everything from water scarcity to virtual currency to community policing, to be teachers and lawyers, scientists and physicians, poets and planners and public servants, and to be revolutionaries in their own ways.

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